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May, 2023

Raffle Winners Announced!

Thank you again for a successful raffle on behalf of the league.  In total - sales brought in about $24,000 and that means after we deduct the cost of prizes - we received a profit of around $20,000 that will go directly towards field improvements, equipment upgrades, etc.  On behalf of all of the players that will benefit from those investments - we thank you all for your hard work and dedication in supporting your players or selling tickets yourselves!

Now to announce the winners......we did the drawing live at the pavilion at the RecPlex on Sunday and broadcast via Facebook Live (if you don't already follow our league facebook page - do that now!).  However, we wanted to announce the winners via email as well.

Note:  all winners will be contacted by the raffle coordinators directly to collect prizes

Raffle Prize Winners

#1:  $1500 Amazon gift card - Frank Portanova ticket #490 

#2:  $1000 Dick’s Gift Card - Kim Bellavancel ticket #6648

#3:  2 Nights stay at Mystic Hilton & Aquarium 4 Pack - Lea Poresky ticket #3215

#4:  $500 Home Depot card - Jason Gehrke ticket #6851

#5:  $500 Game Store card - Jamie Spillman ticket #11854

#6:  $250 Grocery & $250 Gas cards - Patrick Barton ticket #3736

#7:  $250 Urban Air gift card - Mary Cikatz ticket #342

Kid prize winners
(1 entry for every full book of tickets sold)

1. Player who sold the most tickets individually:  $100 worth of Dick's Gift Cards - Landon Deschaine
2.  Team that as a group sold the most tickets:  Plum tomato gift cards for a team pizza party - Softball minors Team 2 (Pink tornadoes - Coach Michaud)
3:  Hartford Yard Goats 4-pack:  Landin Deschaine
4:  Hartford Yard Goats 4-pack:   Landin Deschaine
5:   Hartford Yard Goats 4-pack:  Stanley Szczar
6:  Sea Unicorns Tickets: Mason Catalina
7:  CBSL Crew neck Sweatshirt - Henry Perham
8:  CBSL Crew neck Sweatshirt - Alex Ewing
9:  CBSL Crew neck Sweatshirt - Lucas Dubreuil
10:  Mel's Creamery $5 Gift Card - Rylan Ramos
11:  Mel's Creamery $5 Gift Card - Jacob Bradow
12: Mel's Creamery $5 Gift Card - Grayson Goggin
13:  Mel's Creamery $5 Gift Card - Harper Turner
14: Mel's Creamery $5 Gift Card - Callahan Rooney
15. Plum Tomato $25 gift card - Edward Gignac

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes!
Thanks everyone,

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