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Volunteer List

Who needs a background check?
Per Little League rules, any volunteer for the league who will be interacting or working with the players needs to have a background check completed and be on this approved volunteer list below before they can do anything with the players.  CBSL uses the official background check partner of Little League - a company called JDP.

How to become an approved volunteer:
1) To begin the process, please access the 'Volunteer Opportunities' page and sign up.   
2)  Once you have signed up (either during the player registration process or using the volunteer opportunities form), the president will receive the request and send the background company the request to process. 
3)  You will receive an email from JDP background check company and you will need to follow the instructions in the email.
4)  Once you complete their process, JDP will run the background check and the league president will receive the background check report, process it, and add your name to the approved list below.
5)  Note:  no one is allowed to interact with the players in any way until their name appears on the list below!

If you have questions or are having trouble finding the email, etc, you can contact the president of the league at [email protected].

2024 Approved Volunteer List:   (update 5/12/2024)

Volunteer First Name Volunteer Last Name Verification Status
Kelly Angotta Passed
Neil Angotta Passed
Jason Bakoulis Passed
Karen Belding Passed
Kimberly Bellavance Passed
Deanna Bennett Passed
Miranda Bergeron Passed
Stephen Blanda Passed
John Bradford Passed
Daniel Bradley Passed
Kaitlin Bradley Passed
James Bradow Passed
Mallory Breitmaier Passed
Seth Breitmaier Passed
Jason Brenek Passed
Nina Bryant Passed
Michael Caplet Passed
Laura Carlone Passed
John Carroll Passed
Kristen Cavender Passed
Chelsea Charbonnier Passed
Ashley Cikatz Passed
Gregory Cikatz Passed
Ryan Coats Passed
Samuel Collazo Passed
Jason Colson Passed
Adam Constantilos Passed
Benjamin Cote Passed
Ryan Cove Passed
Tim Crowell Passed
Robert Crowell JR. Passed
Bronson Dean Passed
John Dean Passed
Laurie DeGross Passed
Ashley Delaney Passed
Ronald DIONNE Passed
Michael Dubreuil Passed
Tim Dugan Passed
David Engle Passed
Ryan Ewing Passed
Samantha Ewing Passed
Geoff Fabry Passed
Richard Forte III Passed
James Foss Passed
John Gardiner Passed
Jennifer Garon Passed
Michael Garon Passed
Matthew Gianini Passed
Gilbert Graham Passed
Daryl Gross Passed
Jason Grosso Passed
Harry Gruss Passed
Morgan Gruss Passed
Patrick Gruss Passed
Michael Healy Passed
Christopher Hebert Passed
Reginald Hill Passed
Robert Hlasyszyn Passed
Christopher Hogan Passed
Courtney Houle Passed
Jaime Hunt Passed
Taunya Jeffries Passed
Chris Johnson Passed
Michael Kaiser Passed
William Kristoff Passed
timothy Lafayette Passed
Eric Lamirande Passed
Ian Lawrence Passed
Gregg LePage Passed
Sean Lowe Passed
Miles Lubben Passed
Gary Maher Passed
Kelly McAlpine Passed
Emily McElroy Passed
Christopher McGlynn Passed
Kevin Meakem Passed
Jesse Meyer Passed
Adam Michaud Passed
candace Michaud Passed
Stephen Miller Passed
Tiffany Moroch Passed
Vincent Mula Passed
John Naples Passed
Josephine Napolitano Passed
Jeffrey O'Connor Passed
Eric Page Passed
Utpal Parekh Passed
Valerie Parekh Passed
Matthew Parsons Passed
Brian Pastuszak Passed
Diane Peck Passed
Edward Peck Passed
Gordon Peckham III Passed
Tony Pennella Passed
Andrew Perham Passed
Emily Piazza Passed
Nick Poirier Passed
David Prisco Passed
Abby Racine Passed
Brian Rago Passed
Trevor Reid Passed
Christina Rettig Passed
Larry Riley Passed
Brian Roberson Passed
Brian Roberson Passed
Miguel Roman Passed
Jared Rossignol Passed
Kevin Ryan Passed
Geoffrey Sandberg Passed
Kayleen Sandberg Passed
Keith Sevigny Passed
Joseph Sima Passed
Yvette Sima Passed
Mark Simone Passed
Arjune Somaroo Passed
Erin Szewczyk Passed
Brian Talarczyk Passed
Kim Talarczyk Passed
Daniel Tarnowski Passed
Kevin Tewksbury Passed
Jason Tichy Passed
Jennifer Tichy Passed
Gregory Vilardo Passed
Dana Wallace Passed
Devin Weed Passed
William Winters Passed
James Young Passed
Sean Zettervall Passed

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