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2021 Approved Volunteers

As of 2/9/21


INSTRUCTIONS:  To be a volunteer, you must pass a background check.  If you wish to volunteer, please email eob@cbsl.org, state that you want to volunteer and include the following information in the email - full name, email address, and whether you volunteered last year or not.  Someone from the board will then email you the link you will need - you will use the URL in this email and fill in the form on the website.  The site will then send the results to a board representative to review and, if you pass, your name will be added to this page.  

‚ÄčIMPORTANT NOTE:  no volunteer can be allowed to help with the players in ANY capacity until his or her name appears on this page, as that is the confirmation that the required background check in complete and passed.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our board at EOB@CBSL.org.

Approved Volunteer List: