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COVID Update: 7-17-20
by posted 07/17/2020

Hello everyone,

We wanted to give a couple quick updates.


1) Spring Refunds

All spring refunds have now been processed.  We appreciate all the patience from everyone as we worked through the volume of refunds that had to be processed!

A majority of fees were paid via credit cards and if that is the case, they were refunded back onto whichever card originally made the payment(s).  If you paid via check, you should have received a check back via mail.  

If you are having trouble validating your refund or if you have questions, you can contact us as eob@cbsl.org


2) Potential Fall playing

We are still working through the potential for at least some fall baseball or softball play.  Please understand that there are challenges with what field permits are available, ensuring that we can confidently comply with all safety protocols, and figure out logistics of what teams will be available to play against.

However, we do expect to have a more solid plan for what will be realistic in the Aug/Fall timeframe within the next two weeks.  We will communicate those options as soon as we confirm.


In the meantime, if anyone has questions or concerns, we are always open to discussing or addressing - you can reach the whole board at eob@cbsl.org.

Hoping you are all healthy and enjoying your summer months and we'll update you soon!


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COVID-19 Update - 5/27
by posted 05/27/2020

Latest Update


We hope you and your loved ones are all well, and wanted to take a minute to give you the latest update and status related to Colchester Baseball and Softball activities.  We really do appreciate how patient everyone has been and continues to be during this time.

Please read through below, but here are all the topics covered in this email:

  1. Current status of spring season with possible alternative
  2. Refund status and information
  3. Next steps – when can we play again – info and future survey

1)  Current Status:

We are officially cancelling our spring season, but potentially considering a modified/updated summer and/or fall season.  See below for information about refunds or fee carry-overs to future programs (section 2)

The Official Little League International organization is urging all little leagues including CBSL to conduct a modified summer/fall season, if possible.  The idea is just to give kids a way to be active and play some ball, AS LONG AS IT IS SAFE !!!!   See below for more information about what we are planning and when the kids might be able to play again (sections 3).  We need your feedback!


2)  What about money already paid for the spring season?

Since we have now cancelled the spring season and are now planning to potentially have a modified summer and/or fall season (for divisions minors and older), there are a few options listed below.

  • We will AUTOMATICALLY refund all fees paid for players in the following divisions/age groups:  Big Red Bat League, T-Ball and Rookie (league ages 7 and 8) for both Softball and Baseball.  SORRY it took so long for us to do so, we were really holding out hope for the younger players.
  • For all players in both baseball and softball that are Minors (league ages 9 & 10), Majors (11 & 12), JR & SR (13+) – since we are considering potential summer/fall activities, we would prefer to roll already paid 2020 fees into those registrations. 
    • We will determine fees for upcoming modified season based upon uniform availability, schedule, etc. and then open up registrations to sign up.
    • There will more than likely be a price difference (it will not be more than what is already paid).
    • We can roll fees paid already for spring 2020 season into modified season fees, whatever difference can be refunded or kept for next season. (this can be sorted out after registrations are final)
    • If you need or want a refund immediately, please reply to this email or contact the board at .


  1. Future Plans – when can the kids play again?

Right now, there are a lot of variables playing into how or when this will be possible.  Based on current best practices on re-opening, our board has already decided that it is just not possible to ensure adherence with the safety guidelines for the younger divisions this year.  Therefore, IF any summer or fall programs are held – they will involve only players in minors divisions or older.    

No decision has been officially made as of yet about those potential summer and/or fall activities, however.

  • Town/Field information:  The town of Colchester has now updated that the fields will be closed until at least June 1, we are anticipating June 20 as our earliest opportunity to get back on the fields with some major modifications from what you remember pre COVID 19.  However, any potential summer or fall season would need to be approved/permitted by the town.
  • State/Local information:  We will continue to monitor and comply with all state and local recommendations or rules about gatherings and best practices.
  • Little League International best practices:  In addition, we will assess the ability to align with best practices being laid out by Little League International and health organizations on health and sanitation related to COVID-19.  No activities will be held unless the board feels we are able to comply with the best practices, as well as clearly articulate them to the town and participants/guardians.  For information about the best practices released by Little League International so far, visit the following URL: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE VERY STRICT, NO EXCEPTIONS GUIDANCE BEING GIVEN BY LL INT’L  



  • SURVEY:  If you have a player that is in the minors division or above for either baseball or softball and believe you and your player(s) would be interested in a potential summer and/or fall program – we will be sending out a survey to determine interest for both coaches and players.  Please watch for a separate email with that survey and reply – if we do not receive enough interest, we will most likely not plan these programs.


Questions or Concerns?

Again, we appreciate everyone's patience as we try to navigate these unprecedented times and still try to do our best for the kids.  We're happy to address anyone's questions or concerns, so please feel free to get in touch with us at .

Thank you very much,


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